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Your attention please
Recently the European union passed a new law which would outlaw the use of code like libdvdcss, making it impossible to play dvds using opensource software. The ANTI-EUCD action want's to express it's unhappyness by placing as many copies of or links to libdvdcss and the deCSS sourcecode. So with this said: libdvdcss, deCSS.

General information
Freesplitter is a free, easy to use filesplitter for Linux (and other unices). It can split files in smaler parts and merge those parts back together, and supports changeble media.
Freesplitter uses the QT-3 library which you can download here.
I've only tested freesplitter on a Linux system, but it should work fine on any Unix based system that has QT-3 installed. If anybody happen's to compile it on such a system and it works, please let me know.
Freesplitter is distributed under GPL license.


Current status
I've released version 1.0.1. There are only some minor changes since version 1.0.1.
The next release will probebly contain an extra option that allows users to verify the written data and i'll try to make the splitter/merging process a little more faster. To download a binary package or the source code go to the download section.
Or you can alse get a full list of all the releases until now. You'll find them here.

For the project's page go here.
On this page you'll find the latest news, a complete list of realeased files as well as some forums, etc...

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